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Loyalty Dog Treats takes three things very seriously:
loyalty, dogs and treats!


Edna LaBonte

I have 2 dogs one is a Bernese Mountain Dog and the other a Rottie mix. They were so pleased yesterday when I offered them a tendon. Now this is a long chew and I know they were enjoying them so much. Thank you Loyalty Dog Treats for the fast delivery and a great product at a reasonable price. I highly recommend products from Loyalty Dog Treats!

Nicole Behnke

Amazing quality treats! My dog will literally do anything when she sees a bag of Loyalty Dog Treats come out of the pantry. She's not much of a chewer so it's hard to keep her teeth clean and she's a picky eater, but everything I've given her so far from Loyalty Dog Treats, she's absolutely loved! Lots of selection and very fast shipping! Very happy with this company, and so is my dog

Melissa Campo

I have tried both the Paw & elbow balm, and the natural cookies. I have a chihuahua and a yorkie and they both are absolutely loving the pumpkin & coconut flavoured cookies. As for the paw balm it is also working miracles on my rescue yorkie.. a huge difference in just 3 uses. Thank you!! :) I will highly recommend to my friends.