Bully Sticks Are The Best Treats For Your Dogs - Here’s Why!

Hello dog loving friends! My name is Sara and my husband & I have two beautiful goons.  Panzer is a six year old Bulldog/Beagle/Black & Tan Coonhound mix (he is our sensitive mommy’s boy) and Dude is an eight year old American Staffy/Staffordshire Bull-Terrier mix (who truly thinks he is a human). 

Our two dogs are treated as our children and that is evident in the camera rolls on both of our phones. Seriously, there is nothing cuter than our two boys snuggling with each other - you’re not going to convince me otherwise. I am always super cognizant of what my dogs are being fed, whether that be their kibble or their treats - both matter to me.

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 I’m one of those people who over-research everything when it comes to my dogs from training approaches to food. This is why I give the boys bully sticks, I know that bully sticks are the best treat on the market for my boys. The main reasons I give my dogs bully sticks: digestion; durability; and distraction.


I’m sure you’ve heard of rawhide bones and how terrible they are for our canine family members. Rawhide bones/treats are comprised of fillers and chemicals. This makes rawhides super difficult for our loveable pups to digest, even if they are blessed with an iron gut. As a result they pose a huge risk for choking and obstruction. Bully sticks are easy for dogs to digest, even for Dude, who has a very sensitive stomach (I mean, it also doesn’t help that Dude has been known to eat an entire box of granola bars, including a couple wrappers - that was a rough weekend).

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It should also be noted that bully sticks are from a single protein source and are not pumped up with chemicals. Unlike rawhide bones, bully sticks are considered all natural. While there are several preparation processes, most are either smoked or baked. As a result of bully sticks being primarily comprised of protein and are low in fat and carbohydrates, they are appropriate for dogs of all weights. I supposed you could classify bully sticks as ketogenic.


My dogs are what one would classify as “heavy chewers.”  They are both the epitome of the phrase “dog with a bone.” To say that my boys are relentless with their chew treats, would be the understatement of the century. You know those chew toys that claim to be ‘indestructible?’ Dude was able to destroy one in 15 minutes. That was $35 well spent. This is why it is important that I buy them treats that can stand up to their heavy, relentless chewing.

Bully sticks are also great with helping to remove plaque and tartar build-up on the dog’s teeth. Let’s be real, any extra help with a dog’s dental hygiene is a welcomed blessing.

With bully sticks, I also do not have to worry about them splintering when my boys are mid-chew. I also do not have to worry about the bully sticks potentially chipping any of my boys’ teeth. It is still important to supervise the pups while they are enjoying their bully sticks, however. Bully sticks are super durable and in my opinion, the best treats for dogs.


As a result of this pandemic, I have been working from home significantly more than I was pre-pandemic. Now, I’m doing video conferences at my kitchen island.  Paying attention during video conferences is hard enough as it is, I can’t handle the added stress of having my boys whine for my attention because I am at home working and not paying attention to them. I recognize that is something very minor to be complaining about as I am at home safe and healthy, but it is what it is.

 In order to cope with those times that I need to be on a video conference, I give my dogs a bully stick each (and they get to enjoy them in separate designated areas of the living room  away from each other because high value treats can turn into fights…brothers!) The bully sticks keep them occupied for a long enough time that I am able to finish my video conferences and then snuggle with them after the video calls. One of the many benefits of working from home, all of the puppy snuggles.

Bully sticks are also great when our dogs are getting anxious or overly excited and need a moment of zen.  This usually happens when the delivery person shows up at the house (who doesn’t get excited for packages in the mail?) Or when my husband or I make the mistake of mentioning “truck ride.”

If we are not going at that very second, the boys bust out some dramatics that could be cast in a broadway musical. Bully sticks enter from stage left and we get some much needed calm so that we can gather our stuff before the road trip with our dogs.

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Final thoughts

All things considered, bully sticks are one of the safest treats you could give to your pup. Not only are they able to be consumed by dogs of all shapes an sizes (including dogs that carry around winter weight in the summer - if you catch my drift), but bully sticks also won’t splinter nor will they pose a choking risk. I have peace of mind when I give my dogs a bully stick.

There is also something to be said about knowing that bully sticks come from a single protein source. It is comforting to know that they are not full of chemicals nor do they have any fillers. Heck, I’m pretty sure they are healthier than most of the things I feed myself (don’t be weird and take that as a recommendation that humans should eat bully sticks). Panzer and Dude go absolutely bananas - like the Gwen Stefani song, for bully sticks and it feels great to be able to give them something that they absolutely love.

Have you given your dog a bully stick? Do they go absolutely bananas for it too?

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