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Dehydrated Chicken Bones For Dogs

Dehydrated Chicken Bones for dogs vs Cooked. Many dog owners are, rightly, concerned about feeding bones to their pets. The internet is riddled with advice about not feeding bones to dogs. This seems to contrast with the connection between dogs and bones in popular consciousness. It is hard to think of a cartoon dog not carrying a bone, for example.

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So where does this disconnect come from? 

Cooked Bones For Dogs 

Bones are part of the natural diet of dogs, the kind they would eat in the wild prior to domestication. So what is the danger of feeding dog bones? The danger of feeding bones to our pets comes in when the bone has been cooked. Cooked bones are dangerous for dogs because they are likely to splinter when chewed, causing serious and potentially fatal harm to a dog's internal digestive system. 

So let's hope those cartoon dogs were hauling around uncooked bones in their mouths!

The Benefits of Dehydrated Dog Treats

Dehydrated treats like our Dehydrated Chicken Bones, are dried rather than cooked. So they will break when chewed, rather than splinter like cooked, brittle bones. This makes them a safe, natural treat for dogs. In addition to their safety, long-lasting dehydrated bones offer entertainment to your dog as they work to chew it. This chewing also provides dental benefits, as the hard dehydrated bones help clean your dog's teeth.

Dehydrated Chicken Treat Nutrition 

Chicken treats offer numerous benefits to your dogs. As part of their natural diet, Dehydrated Chicken Bones provide dogs with natural fibre, among other nutrients. At Loyalty Dog Treats, we offer two types of dehydrated chicken bones: Chicken Necks and Chicken Feet. 

Chicken Necks

These natural chicken necks are, like all Loyalty treats, single-ingredient. They are an excellent source protein and niacin. The former is great for combatting hunger between meals and the latter provides the energy your dog needs to keep playing (and earning more treats!)

Chicken Feet

Dehydrated chicken feet may look fit for a witch's cauldron, but trust us, dogs go crazy for them. Like chicken necks, they are a source of protein and niacin. These treats are an excellent alternative to pork or beef treats and are perfect for animals with sensitivities to those meats.

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