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Dog Dental Care

Would you want to greet someone with bad breath? Probably not. So lets help our furry best friends keep up with dog dental care as well.

Do treats clean dogs' teeth?

Many pawrents often don't think too much about their pooches mouth, teeth and gums, but just like humans... dogs can develop decaying teeth, bacteria and plaque build up. Certain foods can cause build up in your dogs mouth, which can harden into tartar, and be a leading cause into developing gingivitis, receding gums and tooth loss. The solution? Regular teeth cleanings and prevention habits, including all natural dehydrated chews and bones.

Where to Start?

Taking on the responsibility of cleaning your dog’s teeth at home and developing a regular dental care routine can cut down on vet visits and help keep your dog’s teeth and breath stay clean! Prevention at an early age is always the most affordable and effective way to ensure your dogs oral health is in check and looking good, right from the comfort of your home. Loyalty Dog Treats has a few options for you, as well as offering a Subscribe & Save program for when you've chosen your favourite items.

Natural Dog Chews & Bones 

Dog chews and bones are a fantastic way to help clean your dog’s teeth while satisfying their urge to chew. Keep in mind that you’ll want to choose a size appropriate chew or bone that will suit your dog. For instance a chicken neck might be a choking hazard for a  Neapolitan Mastiff, and a beef femur bone would be a a tall and difficult task for a Chihuahua. Check out some of our new dog chews like our Open Gullet or Beef Backstrap chew that are both available in small or large size.
With so many options out there, we understand that sometimes you want to give them something that lasts longer than a dental treat but is tastier than a toy and less messy than a raw bone. Loyalty Dog Treats is proud to specialize in all natural, dehydrated dog chews, treats and bones; for a mess free, delicious and healthy option.  Dehydrated Chews and Bones act as an excellent natural tooth brush that gently massages the gums while cleaning, and also providing up to hours of mental and physical exercise. 

Size and Chewing Habit 

For a long lasting bone that is tough enough to withstand even the most aggressive chewer, we suggest our NEW Beef Shin Bone for large dogs and our Beef Marrow Bones for small to medium size dogs. Knowing your dogs chewing habits is just as important when picking a new chew or bone, as much as size appropriation. Bones are the suggested option for heavy chewers, and chews for light/sensitive chewers. Of course if your pup loves both, alternation will keep them the most interested.  You can also take a look at our pre-made categories for a guide to picking treats for Small size, Medium size and Large size breeds. 
Have additional questions or need suggestions on which dental chew or bone to choose? You can always Contact Us and we'd be happy help.

Bully Sticks 

Our all natural Bully Sticks might just be the all time favourite chew for most loyalty family member dogs! These tough chews can keep your dog occupied, satisfy their chewing instinct, and help clean your dog’s teeth by scraping off plaque and tartar as they gnaw away. These mess-free chews are vailable in small and large sizes, normal and braided for a tougher texture.
Recommended weekly clean would be 3x a week, alternating between brushing, bones, and chews. 

Natural Supplements 

Organic Coconut oil has been referred to as “nature’s toothpaste”. The antimicrobial properties of this popular oil not only promote dental health, but dogs  absolutely love the favour. The antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal agents will help prevent internal infection and disease. When given as a daily food supplement, organic coconut oil has many health benefits, and reduces or eliminates bad dog breath.