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Dog Treats: What Are Pig Ears?

Have you tried dehydrated Pig Ears, Strips or Ear Drums? Dog owners are always looking for options when it comes to the dog treats they serve their pet. Variety helps keep dogs entertained and happy, while also providing a balance of the nutrients that they need.

One of our products that has grown significantly in popularity and is becoming a common replacement treat in place of a dog bone, is the pig ear. This treat has plenty of health benefits, is affordable and offers a few different treat variants.

Healthy Dog Treats Packed With Protein

Protein is an essential ingredient for the overall health of dogs. It aids in keeping their muscles strong and helps them form new hair cells and skin cells. Pig ears are a great source of protein, with a protein percentage of a whopping 69.06%. 

Beyond protein, these treats also provide Omega-3 and Omega-6 acids for cholesterol regulation, which helps maintain a healthy heart. They can also improve joint health, with a high concentration of chondroitin and glucosamine.

Treats For Healthy Dog Teeth

Many natural dog treats help aid in overall oral health, and pig ears are no different. Pig ears remove plaque in teeth when chewing and can also dislodge food residue that can cause teeth stains and damage. 

As one reviewer has said "I am always looking for treats that help out with my pups teeth as dental work for a dog can be expensive and the pig ears are not only a great treat for my girl but help keep her teeth clean. I will be getting these again!"

Affordable Natural Dog Chews 

Pig ears are a great alternative to more expensive chewing treats. They also last a long time (depending on your dog's chewing style) making them an affordable investment. You can save even more by ordering more or save 25% with the Loyalty Dog Treats Subscribe & Save program.

Pig Ear Variants For Natural Dog Treats

Pig ears are a great treat to introduce your dog to because you can offer variety in the type of pig ears beyond the regular treat. Loyalty Dog Treats also produces pig ear strips and pig ear drums. This will keep your dog entertained with something new to chew!

Like all of our treats, pig ears are natural dog treats with a single ingredient that you can trust to feed to your best friend. All our products feature human-grade meat ingredients from facilities that are government-inspected. If you'd like to learn more about our treats, contact us today.