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Dried Raw Duck Heads for Dogs

Why Dried Raw Duck Heads for Dogs?

As responsible paw parents we are always looking to reduce the waste created by human food processing plants. This is how we discovered duck head.  After some research we learned that many pet owners are now turning to try Duck in their protein variation for their dogs, but usually using raw duck heads. Loyalty Dog treats dried-raw Duck Heads are a preferred option.  They're easy to feed, and we ship them straight to your door.  No refrigeration required.  These awesome treats are loaded with iron, selenium, and B Vitamins to assist in promoting a healthy lifestyle.

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Whether pawrents are interested in duck treats due to allergies in the more common chicken or beef, or are interest in weight gain, wanting to maintain healthy muscles, or to ease of digestion; our dried raw duck head treat is a great choice to try for your furry best friend if you haven't yet.

Loyalty Dog Treats - Duck Head Health Benefits:

 The great thing about our Dried Raw Duck Heads is that they are loaded with calcium phosphate (cp).  Growing dogs require cp which is primarily found in animal bones such as this duck head. Although they are freaky looking to humans, it is a nutritious and delicious snack to dogs. Duck bone also provides a fibre-alternative to promote healthy digestion for dogs who have digestive sensitivities, and can sometimes help skin irritation and gastrointestinal upsets.

Dried Raw Duck Heads are an excellent source of iron and chondroitin (sulfated glycosaminoglycan) for bone and joint health, while also often used as a dietary aid to help dogs feel full without unnecessary calories. If you have a very active dog who loves the outdoors or participating in dog lure courses etc. then this treat should be a must have to add to their diet. They will love you for the crunchy goodness and you will be at ease knowing this treat boosts their immune system, promotes red blood cell health, contains loads of vitamins and keeps their muscles and joints in good health.  

Dental Health

Dried bones are an excellent dental aid that do not damage teeth, like raw cooked bones. Pawrents can expect a less stinky breath and whiter teeth as dogs gnaw away at this dehydrated treat. This duck head, beak and all helps to naturally remove plaque and tartar build up, especially from their back teeth as it is a larger size treat that dogs will use their molars to break down the treat. 

Why our #LoyaltyFamily members love this treat

1. Made in Canada, with absolutely no additives or preservatives. Loyalty Dog Treats dried-raw duck heads are a natural tasty treat you can trust. 

2. High protein is optimal for any dogs health, and duck is very high in protein and perfect for dogs with an active lifestyle, or for dogs needing to gain weight.  

3. Important to switch up proteins if you are heavily stuck on chicken and beef. Adding a duck head to a raw fed diet is a favourite topper amongst our loyalty family or also using it as just a normal bone to gnaw on.

4. Affordable! Many people are under the impression that this novel protein has to come with a high price tag, but at Loyalty Dog Treats we want to provide both human and dog the best experience. A premium healthy treat at an affordable price and always giving you the option to subscribe and save if it becomes a favourite. 


Check out some Loyalty Family customer pictures: 

Dried raw duck heads for dogs Dried raw duck heads for dogs Dried raw duck heads for dogs