Five Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds You Likely Haven’t Heard of Before

Hey friends, it is Sara again coming at you from the Ottawa Valley. Lately I have been seeing an increasing number of people whom are rehoming dogs as a result of allergies. This pains my heart because I know how amazing it is to have a dog as a member of the family.

This, of course, got me going down the research black hole. I have since discovered that there are dog breeds that are, shall we say, allergy friendly. This means that it is still possible for people who are allergic to dog dander to enjoy the companionship of a canine. In this blog post I outline some of my favourite hypoallergenic dog breeds.

If you’re considering adding a dog to your family, you should thoroughly conduct your research based on your lifestyle and family composition. For example, it might be unwise to get a dog that requires a great deal of activity and stimulation if that would not fit into your lifestyle.

Below are five hypoallergenic dog breeds that you likely have not heard of before.

#1 Portuguese Water Dog

hypoallergenic dog breeds that dont shed

These dogs kind of remind me of Cousin It the way they have their hair in their faces. As a result of all of this glorious hair, they require brushing every single day. I can relate, I have a wild mane that needs significant assistance to be kept tame. They do shed, but only seasonally.

The American Kennel Club classifies the Portuguese Water Dog as an energetic dog. They also state that this breed of dog is easier than most to train - a big win. A fun fact is that the Obamas had two Portuguese Water Dogs during their time in the White House.

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#2 Barbet

hypoallergenic dog breeds that dont shed

The next up on the list of hypoallergenic dog breed is the Barbet. As quoted by the American Kennel Club: “The breeds delightfully shaggy coat and amiable nature creates the impression of a Muppet come to life, but the Barbet is a strong, solidly-built dog bred for centuries to be a keen hunter and tireless swimmer.” These dogs are excellent working dogs and thrive when they have a sense of purpose.

This Barbet is a quick learning dog and lends to this breed being very trainable. In terms of shedding, the Barbet sheds significantly less than the Portuguese Water Dog. The Barbet is one of the newest breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club. If you are wondering about where the name for this breed comes from, it is derived from the French word for beard - barbe.

#3 Afghan Hound

hypoallergenic dog breeds that dont shed

Speaking of a gorgeous long mane, the Afghan Hound is a gorgeous long-haired dog that is indeed a hypoallergenic breed. It is no surprise that because of this gorgeous long hair, the Afghan Hound requires daily brushing to ensure the hair does not become a tangled mess.

The Afghan Hound also requires regular washes with shampoo and conditioner. This helps to keep the coat nice and healthy.  Worth noting, the American Kennel Club classifies this breed as a stubborn dog with a significant amount of energy. A person without experience with this breed would have a difficult journey in attempting to train them.

The Afghan Hound was the first dog to be cloned, which took place in 2005. This cloning occurred at Seoul National University in South Korea. 

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#4 American Hairless Terrier

hypoallergenic dog breeds that dont shed

I think the American Hairless Terrier may be the cutest looking breed of the bunch, in my opinion. Then again, I will always have a soft spot for any sort of terrier. These dogs look like a Chihuahua mixed with an extremely tiny Staffordshire Terrier. They look like extremely curious little creatures.

Emphasis on the little - these dogs weigh usually 12 to 16 lbs.  Since this breed is hairless, they do not require grooming like the breeds mentioned above. The one thing that they require the others don’t is attention to their skin to ensure they do not get sunburn. This calls for either sunscreen to be applied or UV protective clothing to be worn by the dog.

The American Hairless Terrier is a descendent of the Rat Terrier. These dogs have moderate energy and are extremely trainable. Another point worth noting is that these dogs get very protective over their humans.

#5 Brussels Griffon

hypoallergenic dog breeds that dont shed

These dogs are very cute. They are like an Ewok (you know, those adorable creatures from Star Wars) crossed with a teddy bear. This breed is very small and each dog does not usually weigh more than 10 pounds each. This breed is notorious for being sensitive and are more likely to get separation anxiety.

The Brussels Griffon breed is generally timid around new people. According the the American Kennel Club, the Brussels Griffon breed requires brushing a few times a week and only sheds seasonally. This breed is generally very smart and agreeable to training. 

This would make them an excellent addition to a family who will spend a great deal of time with their pup and does not have young children. A fun fact about this breed is that it was first recognized by the American Kennel Club as a breed in 1910.

These are just a sample of some of the wonderful hypoallergenic dogs. As previously mentioned, make sure you thoroughly do you research prior to adding a canine member to your family. It is clear, even in the dogs that I talked about above that each breed is unique and different from one another.

Some breeds shed more than others, even if they are considered hypoallergenic. They have varying degrees of energy levels and varying degrees of trainability. Some dog breeds require more attention than others. All of these things should be considered and taken into account prior to adopting a dog.

Having an allergy to dog dander does not prevent you from adding a dog to your family, it just means that you need to do a bit more research to ensure the absolute right fit. There are so many hypoallergenic dog breeds that there is bound to be at least one that suits your lifestyle.

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