Introducing: Dog Shampoo from Legendary Canine

Dog Shampoo from Legendary Canine understands that bathing a dog can be difficult, especially if your dog doesn’t enjoy bath time. Not only can bath time with your dog be difficult but it can be stressful. Not all shampoos are recommended to use on your pet or are safe to use on your canine. 

At Loyalty Dog Treats, we know how important your furry friends are to you, that’s why each  bar is handcrafted here in Canada. Dog Shampoo from Legendary Canine is crafted of the finest, human-grade, 100% natural ingredients. The oils that are in each bar are chosen to specifically benefit dogs. Regular Dog Shampoo is recommended for dogs who have sensitivities or allergies, making it safe to use on almost any dog.

The Benefits of this Dog Shampoo from Legendary Canine

Each bar of Regular Dog Shampoo is made with: organic coconut oil, organic Shea butter, organic extra-virgin olive oil, organic castor oil, organic hemp seed oil and avocado oil. Not only is each bar made with these organic ingredients, but they also contain a secret ingredient - silk. Silk produces a rich creamy lather, that helps the bar easily guide over your dog’s fur, helping to make bath time quick and easy. Regular Dog shampoo is packed with vitamin E, 18 amino acids and has a natural scent that comes from therapeutic-grade peppermint essential oil.

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Simple Directions for Bathing Your Dog

Bathing a dog should not be a complicated ordeal. The steps are quite simple and are as follows:

  1. Wet Dog
  2. Apply Legendary Canine Shampoo
  3. Rinse Dog
  4. Dry Dog

Not only will your dog have a nice clean coat after their bath, they will smell good too!

Paying for Quality

Our Dog Shampoo from Legendary Canine retails for $15.99 a bar. When you consider how often you generally bathe your dog (it’s not daily), this bar will last a considerable amount of time. This shampoo is not only handcrafted in Canada, but it also contains organic ingredients that are safe for your pet. Once you try Regular Dog Shampoo and realize how much you love it, you can save 25% with the Loyalty Dog Treats Subscribe & Save program.

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