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Kangaroo Bones For Dogs: Natural Dog Treats

Kangaroo bones make for great, healthy treats for your pet. Loyalty Dog Treats offers a variety of treats sourced from kangaroos. As always, we only use human-grade meat that comes from government-inspected suppliers. This assures that you can have full confidence feeding our kangaroo treats to your dog!

Natural kangaroo bones are a particularly great alternative to dog's who suffer allergic reactions or digestive sensitivity to beef bones or other dog bones. All of our Loyalty Dog Treats kangaroo treats are made with no additives, no hormones, no fillers and no artificial flavours. Just all natural dog bone goodness! 

Below you'll find a look at some of our customer's favourite kangaroo treats for pets. If you're wondering which treat is right for your dog, you can always look at all our products based on chewing style (light, medium, heavy) or breed size (small, medium, large.)

Kangaroo Bone - Large, MediumSmall and Arm Bone


These kangaroo leg bones are great for dogs to chew as it provides dental benefits in addition to nutrition. Dried bones like these are better for oral health than raw bones as they will not damage teeth. 



Kangaroo Ribs


Kangaroo rib bones are an excellent way of achieving and maintaining a healthy weight. How? Natural treats can help control a dog's appetite by letting them feel full. This will make them more receptive to eating less at meal time or eating at a pace that is better for digestion.


Kangaroo Shoulder Bones


Natural kangaroo bones like shoulder bones for dogs are great treats for dogs who have osteoarthritis. Why? Because they're a source of chondroitin, or sulfated glycosaminoglycan, which improves joint function.


These are just some of the natural, healthy dog snacks from kangaroo that we offer here at Loyalty Dog Treats. Search for your favourite on our Products page, and don't forget to save 25% (and a lot of hassle) by using our Subscribe & Save option!