The 5 Best Training Treats For Your Dogs in 2021

Canine health/nutrition for dogs can be as multi-faceted as human health. Balancing carbohydrates, protein and healthy fats are integral to maintaining optimal health in all pets, and especially in dogs who are more susceptible to environmental factors. Pet nutrition should be balanced to maintain joint health, bone density, healthy skin and a shiny coat, and choosing clean wholesome nutrition can go a long way to avoid stomach upset and digestive disputations.

The 5 Best Training Treats For Your Dogs in 2021

Every dog requires specialized nutrition, based on their size, age, breed, activity levels and health concerns.  Pet parents should also note that nutritional needs will change over time, from puppy to senior dogs. If you're wondering which treat is right for your dog, you can always look at all our products based on your dog chewing style.

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When choosing pet food, read the ingredient list and consider the types of ingredients that are listed. Make sure to choose ingredients that are recognizable and easy to read. Where veterinarians used to advocate a diet consisting only of meat protein, now experts agree that vegetables are hugely beneficial to delivering vitamins and minerals that are key for vital body functions, like a healthy immune system.

Choosing natural dog treats will ensure the freshest ingredients and preserve the nutritional quality of the food, as they offer an option with no hidden preservatives, harmful chemicals or additives.

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The Best Joint Support Supplement for Pets in Canada

Nutrition for dogs should be kept in mind during all life stages. As dog's age pet owners who are invested in holistic treatment can turn to supplements for dogs to prevent or reverse the signs of common health concerns, such as skin irritation, joint pain, digestive upset, or digestive cleansing. When used properly, supplements can optimize nutrition for dogs by boosting vitamin and mineral content in a dog’s balanced diet, and in some cases, lessen or eliminate the need for the prescription or over the counter medication to treat minor ailments.

Sourcing pet diet staples from providers that source Canadian dog treats and supplements such as Loyalty Dog Treats, pet owners can ensure that their pets are receiving human-grade food items that work together to maintain a wholesome and complete diet.

Dog Treats: An Important Element Of Any Cannie Diet

Health Nutrition For Dogs - Benefits & Importance of Canine Diet

Veterinarians and trainers agree that dog treats are an important element of any dog's training and overall behaviour. They can be used as training aids to reward good behaviour or show affection or love to an older dog who is long past its training days. With all of the options in stores, it can be hard to navigate the hazards and dangers of mass-produced treats that often can have hidden glue and preservative chemicals. Regardless of how they are used, a carefully selected treat can enhance and supplement nutrition.

Kangaroo dog treats are a great natural way to treat dogs with allergies or sensitives and can come in many forms that will enrich any dog diet. Natural pig ears for dogs who have skin or coat issues are a great choice or chicken feet for dogs that need a variety of protein sources. If you have a dog going through an active growth phase, pet owners can consider choosing a liver treat for dogs for a boost of iron and hemoglobin for optimal brain and muscle function.

How to Choose Best Treats For Your Dog?

There are many options when choosing natural bones for dogs. Options that boast a dehydrated or slow dried process will offer the most nutrient-dense bone that can last for hours, promoting good oral hygiene and stomach function.

How to Choose Right Treats For Your Dog?


Long-lasting natural dog bully sticks are a great substitute for bone as they are packed with protein while maintaining the long-lasting durability of bone. Choose a bully stick for puppies who are very excitable to keep them busy for hours. Either choosing a calcium packed bone, or protein-rich bully stick for dogs will give any dog a nutritional punch to their diet.

The 5 Best Training Treats For Your Dogs in 2021

#1 Bully Sticks

Bully sticks for dogs have long held a special place in canine hearts, and pet owners are only too happy to indulge their furry friends. LoyaltyDogTreats offers a broad range of all-natural, single ingredient, odourless bully stick products that will get your favourite puppy (or puppies) excited and happy.

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#2 Kangaroo Treats

Kangaroo dog treats are considered superfoods since they are rich in amino acids and have one of the best protein profiles among any meats. They are low in fat but contain optimal amounts of good fat.

They are a great source of essential nutrients such as calcium phosphate (required for growing dogs) and chondroitin (needed for treating osteoarthritis). They help a dog feel full, promote healthy digestion and munching on dried kangaroo bones is a great way to maintain good dental health.

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#3 Natural Pig Ears

Natural pig ears for dogs with skin or coat issues are a great choice or chicken feet for dogs that need a variety of protein sources. If you have a dog going through an active growth phase, pet owners can choose a liver treat for dogs for a boost of iron and hemoglobin for optimal brain and muscle function.

#4 Beef Treats

Beef liver treats for dogs are not only very tasty for them but also filled with health benefits. Organ meat is high in nutrients, protein, fat, vitamin A and essential fatty acids. Feeding beef liver into their diet will help maintain optimal health and energy for your furry-friend.

A Healthy Conclusion

Loyalty Dog treats is an online store that is dedicated to the health and well-being of all pets and offers a convenient one-stop-shop for Canadian sourced, natural food options, backed with their money-back guarantee, with the mission to feed all pet family members as wholesomely as human ones. Visit for more information on how natural dog treats can be the key to optimum nutrition.

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