Summer Dog Tips

Safety Dog Tips for Hot Summer Days

Summer is just around the corner and we at Loyalty Dog Treats wanted to put together our top 5 summer dog tips for our #LoyaltyFamily members to check out before the hectic plans begin. Summer time activities are often go-go-go but we wanted to give a friendly reminder of safety first tips for your fur-baby, so you can both enjoy a fun and safe summer.

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1. Never leave your dog in a hot parked car

Not to say that our Loyalty Family doesn't already know better.... But hey, It's that time of year to put out the reminder. Pet owners who are constantly on the go and  bring along their dogs with them should always plan ahead! If you know you are going somewhere on a hot summer day where you will have to leave your dog alone, it's best for their safety that you leave them at home, instead of a parked car.

Dr. Ernie Ward takes on the dangerous experiment to show pet owners how "just 30 minutes" can be fatal for your dog as mercury quickly rises in this hot parked car. Please take this summer dog tip the most serious of them all. 


2. Keep Hydrated  

As we all know, dogs can't show sweat as humans do and therefore they try to cool down by panting. Many dogs love to sunbathe but this can turn into heatstroke if you do not monitor your dog, in making sure they always have access to a fresh water bowl and a place they can find shade. This is crucial to your dogs health and safety. A summer dog tip for dehydrated or very hot dogs would be to place a cool wet towel underneath them. Although it might seem instinctive to spray water on top of them, dogs cool from the bottom up. So making sure their paws and lower half of the body are cool first well help their entire body to cool down much quicker.   

3. Ticks and Flees 

Prevention is key when taking your dog out for walks or hikes this summer and protecting them from bugs such as fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes. Using an all natural bug repellent for dogs is a great way to protect against summer bug bites or more serious issues like lyme disease or heartworm. 

4. Outdoor Injuries  

Summer fun can accidentally turn in to burnt paws from hot asphalt, cuts, rashes, or internal infections from hiking or eating something rotten while out and about. Having handy in your backpack an anti-microbial spray that helps treat internal infections or outer skin infections is always a great idea. While investing in an all natural and lick-safe paw balm will help hydrate and repair dry, cracked or damaged paws and elbows. 

5. Water Safety 

Summer activities with your furry best friend  often include long day swimming trips. Dog supplements such as an immune system booster will keep your dog active and very energized throughout the day, but it is always the pet owners responsibility to schedule breaks to let the dog relax, even if he looks like he's having a blast! When it comes to water, you must be conscious of Water Intoxication. This can affect any size or breed and can be caused from swimming too long, retrieving a ball from water over and over, or even an excessive amount of water from a hose or sprinkler. All of these water activities quickly cause your dog to ingest large amounts of water at a quick pace that can cause water intoxication if you are not taking breaks. 

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While  being prepared for an accident is always good, we know that summer is ultimately a time for outdoor fun with your friends, family and dog packs. We want both pawrent and dog to have a great summer filled with delicious treats and other traveling essentials so we put together a Summer Kick-Off Sale for the month of June so that our Loyalty Family can grab summer essentials at a discounted price of 15% OFF or more on select items, before summer really begins in just a couple weeks!

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