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Top Benefits of Natural Pet Food Supplements

 Pet Food Supplements include a variety of benefits from health and longevity to happiness. A canine’s dietary intake affects every aspect of its life. However, several factors stand in the way of your pet pooch achieving a perfectly balanced diet, such as the ability to digest and absorb or a nutritional plan devoid of optimal amounts of specific ingredients.

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In order to help pets overcome deficiencies and imbalances, Loyalty Dog Treats offers a wide range of high-quality natural pet food supplements that are made in Canada, while offering shipping throughout North America.

Pet Food Supplements Include Nature’s Best Gifts

Reputed dog food manufacturers offer supplements that can be used for a large range of purposes such as maintaining health, boosting immunity or to treat specific ailments such as skin infections, arthritis, allergies, poor digestion, ear problems and much more. Nature is a storehouse of potent ingredients and everything from diatomaceous earth and pumpkin powder to sea kelp and green lipped mussels can be harnessed to provide optimal nutrition to your pet. These are key ingredients in many of our supplements.

Marine Based Supplements

Fish oil supplements for dogs are among the most popular dietary additives prescribed for pet dogs. The primary benefits of feeding these supplements to dogs is that they improve the immunity system, reduce joint discomfort, improve energy and stamina, provide dogs with shiny coats, protect against auto immune diseases, reduce inflammation and reduce the risk of heart problems. Herring oil is a particularly rich source of Omega 3 and other essential fatty acids and is recommended for dogs at all life stages.

Natural food supplements for pets in Canada are a safe and convenient way of providing your favorite pooch everything he or she needs for a long, healthy and happy life. For complete peace of mind, purchase from a reliable supplier. We sell Troop Advance pet supplements, including Canadian Herring Fish Oil, Joint Support, Immune System Booster and many more. Contact us today if you have any questions about supplements or adding supplements to dog food.