Why Choose Single Ingredient Treats For Your Dog

As dog owners we love to give our dogs the best treats. But just like us, too many treats can make you sick and be harmful in the long run. See our top 5 reasons why Natural Dog Treats are better for your dog. It might be hard to decide what treats are really “good” or “healthy” for your dog considering the way we as humans think about treats. But, dog treats can be healthy, all natural and still be delicious enough to satisfy your fur baby and be better for your dog’s long-term health.

Why Choose Single Ingredient Treats For Your Dog

Commercial treats can be harmful

Many labels for dog treats can be misleading. Commercial products may label themselves “all natural” and non-artificial, but don’t be fooled by these labels as most will contain by-product and filler. 

Your dog treats can also contain vegetables, but look carefully on how the vegetables are added into the treat like corn or beet pulp. These aren’t beneficial for your dog's overall health and can harm your dog due to these being used as fillers in many dog treats.

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Why Choose Single Ingredient Treats For Your Dog

The best treats for your dog are ones that you can pronounce the ingredients of, and with all natural dog treats this is simple as there is only one ingredient! Much like our own dog treats here at Loyalty Dog Treats, all natural dog treats mean they are made with minimal ingredients as this makes it easier for dogs to maintain their overall health.

Make For Easy Digestion

Single ingredient, treats are natural for dogs, which makes it easy on their digestive system. Because there is no added preservatives, fillers or colours to these treats they are able to allow for a healthy digestion and maintenance of a healthy weight.

Giving your dog all natural dog treats that aids digestion will help provide enough energy for them through their daily activities from playing catch to rolling around in the grass.

Treats are an important part of any proper dog diet. Knowing that you're giving your dog the best out there with all natural dog treats aiding their digestion and helping them live a longer life will make you and your dog very happy (because that means you won’t hesitate to give more treats). Loyalty Dog Treats is the top choice for all natural dog treats made from single ingredients so you have comfort giving your dog a treat, or two.

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