Best Dog Treats Subscription Company in Canada

LoyaltyDogTreats is the best bog treats subscription company in Canada. Just like you reward your pet, we reward our loyal customers! Subscribe & Save is a simple way to receive your favourite healthy dog treats without constantly having to remember to reorder them. We also decided to implement a savings method that would allow our loyal customers to save money when they make repeat orders.

Here is how it works: simply select “Subscribe & Save” on your favourite natural dog treat and select how often you’d like to re-order each time you add that product to your cart. We’ll take care of the rest. Curious how well take care of the rest? Well, let's break it down.


Pick a Treat

Our product line has a wide selection of healthy dog treats for your four-legged friends. Does your dog prefer bones to gnaw on or to chew on bully sticks? Well, we have a variety of both. When selecting the right natural dog treats for your dog it's important that the ingredients are not harmful to them. At Loyalty Dog Treats all our treats do not contain additives or preservatives, making them healthy and rewarding for your dog.


Subscribe & Save

When you find the perfect treat for your dog, add it to your online basket. Next, select the subscribe and save button. Once you’ve done this you can choose the order frequency that best fits the needs of you and your dog, 30 days, 45 days or 60 days. When you sign-up to subscribe and save you will save 25%! Not only will you not have to remember to constantly reorder your dog their favourite treats but you’ll save money!

Change Your Order

Whether you want to try one of our newest natural dog treats or simply change up your order, it's easy. With our subscribe and save model you have the ability to change your order at any time. Simply contact us at any time and we can update your next order. So if you’re afraid of signing up for a subscription and save because your dog may get bored of the same treat, don't worry! It is also a great opportunity to use the savings to try out new pet treats, pet supplements or dog bones.

What am I supposed to look for in dog food? 

The best advice you can get for feeding your dog is this - feed your dog with the highest quality food you can afford. There are no variations between luxury food and budget food on the nutrition label - they are contained in the ingredients' consistency and source. Two dog foods can contain 27 percent of protein but are dramatically different when it comes to digestibility.

Here at Loyalty Dog Treats we take three things seriously: loyalty, dogs, and treats. Not only can you save money when you subscribe and save but you’ll never have to remember to purchase your favourite healthy dog treats anymore! Check out some of our favourite natural dog treats, here.


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