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Your Dog Treats Should Suit Your Dog

We’ve talked about the Bully Sticks being tailored to suit your dog, but we should say that all treats are made with certain dogs in mind. To many people's surprise, this is done not by breed, but by the way the dog chews.

As dog owners we can’t help but give treats to our dogs, how can you deny rewarding their great behaviour (and begging face and cute puppy eyes?) Most of us can’t, but when giving your dog a healthy dog treat it is important to not just hand them a treat and leave. Become aware of your dog’s habits and select treats that are good not only for their health but their size and chewing habits.

Tips For All Types of Chewers

There are three types of chewers: light, medium and aggressive. We’re going to break down these chewer’s and provide some ideas of what type of treats are recommended for your dog's needs.

Light Chewer is a dog who likes to take his time with his treats, and usually tries to make smaller pieces in order to make them last longer. Instead of giving them a large femur bone or kangaroo rib, smaller light chewers would benefit from all natural pig ears and duck feet which are already smaller in size to keep your dog content.

Medium Chewer, these dogs can handle more but sometimes bite off more than they can chew. Pay close attention to all of your pets when they are eating. With that said, for these more adventurous chewers some safe treats include our 100% natural Bully Sticks, Kangaroo shoulder bones, and rabbit ears.

Heavy Chewer, don’t be fooled into thinking only larger dogs are heavy chewers, they can come in all shapes and breeds. With the right treat, all dogs can be heavy chewers, but these dogs are ones who can get through dog treats, food and large toys easily. These dogs need a challenge and something to keep them occupied for longer periods of time.

If you’re unsure what can keep your dog occupied for longer than five minutes, look for braided treats and our 100% Canadian antler chews which are an excellent source of glucosamine, chondroitin, calcium, and protein. These all natural dog treats can last for months helping your dog protect their oral health even longer!

It can be difficult to know your dog’s habits, but start with slowly noticing their eating habits and what is actually going on when they chew. Can they chew the treat properly and swallow or are they making smaller pieces of the treat? This can be a starting point for owners to guide them into buying safe treats, giving you a piece of mind when your dog comes to you begging for more delicious all natural dog treats!