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Beef Stuffed Gullet - 5 Inches Beef Stuffed Gullet - 5 Inches


Beef Stuffed Gullet  LoyaltyDogTreats™ Stuffed Beef Gullets are made from premium grass fed, open range beef. Your dog can't get enough beef treats so stuffed gullet is another way to.....

Duck Feet duck feet - loyalty dog treats

$5.99 $59.99

Duck Feet LoyaltyDogTreats™ Dehydrated Duck Feet are a high-fat protein source ideal for high activity levels, weight gain, or growing dogs. Just like our other trusted single-ingredient, chemical, preservative, and.....

Open Gullet 6" - Loyalty Dog Treats Open Gullet aka Beef Jerky

$6.99 $29.99

Open Gullet Chew  LoyaltyDogTreats™ Open Gullet dog chew is made from premium grass fed, open range cattle. Typically beef gullets come stuffed, and although we carry both beef stuffed gullet and flat, for this.....