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Canadian Herring Fish Oil for Dogs Canadian Herring Fish Oil for Dogs ingredients


Canadian Herring Fish Oil for Dogs Omega 3 & 6 Fatty Acids  Promotes a healthy shiny coat  Helps with shedding & Joint discomfort  100% natural Canadian Herring Fish Oil  Troop.....

Troop Advance Diatomaceous Earth Troop Advance Diatomaceous Earth

$3.99 $18.97

Diatomaceous Earth  Fossilized remains of hard shelled algae called diatoms  Internal cleanser  Topical use for Skin Care Troop Advance™ diatomaceous earth is a 100% Pure, Certified Organic non-toxic Food Grade.....

duck head - loyalty dog treats Duck Head

$4.99 $17.89

Duck Head Promotes healthy joint and bone health  Acts as a tooth brush to help clean tartar build up Is a moderate source of dietary cholesterol Great option for active.....

Troop advance Green Lipped Mussel Troop advance Green Lipped Mussel 3 pack

$21.99 $71.97

Green Lipped Mussels 160g Improve mobility Contains omega 3 and 6  Source of protein  Helps reduce inflammation    Troop Advance™ Green-lipped mussels are shellfish from New Zealand and a recognized.....

Troop Advance Immune System Booster Troop Advance Immune System Booster


Immune System Booster  Pain relief from arthritis Promotes proper digestion and improves breath Includes over 60 minerals  Vitamin A, B1, B2, C, D, E Essential amino acids   Troop Advance™ Immune.....

Joint support - troop advance Joint support - troop advance


Joint Support Contains MSM to reduced pain/inflammation Helps the healing of bones and tissue  Mineral based supplement    Troop Advance™ Joint Support for dogs is a mineral supplement for joint health......

Troop Advance Pumpkin Powder Troop Advance Pumpkin Powder


Pumpkin Powder  Used to treat digestive upsets  Helps absorb excess liquids  Fast relief  Treat diarrhea or constipation Troop Advance™ Pumpkin Powder is 100% natural dried pumpkin powder used to treat digestive.....

Troop Advance Sea Kelp Troop Advance Sea Kelp


Sea Kelp  Builds immune system function Improves Digestion Full of 60 vital minerals, amino acids and vitamins  Ideal for balancing glandular functioning Troop Advance™ Sea Kelp is 100% Canadian sourced and.....

Troop Advance Slippery Elm Troop Advance Slippery Elm


Slippery Elm Powder Improves Constipation, Bloating, Diarrhea and Issues with Irritable Bowel Syndrome  Aids in Weight Loss  Herbal remedy Troop Advance™ Slippery Elm Powder is a natural remedy for constipation and.....

Virgin Organic Coconut Oil  - Loyalty Dog Treats Virgin Organic Coconut Oil  - Loyalty Dog Treats


Virgin Organic Coconut Oil Supplement Reduces allergies Provides a healthy looking and smelling coat Improves bad breath Heals dry skin & wounds (when applied topically)  FOR SENSITIVE OR ALLERGIC DOGS.....

Troop Advance Taurine Powder Troop Advance™ Supplements - Troop Advance™ Taurine Powder 200g


Taurine Powder  Helps maintain eye and heart health  Amino acid Development and function of the heart muscle Troop Advance™ Taurine is an amino acid that is essential in feline diets because.....