Canadian Pork Roll Dried 5" - 25 Pack

  • Canadian Pork Roll Dried 5" - 25 Pack - LoyaltyDogTreats


Canadian Pork Roll Dried 5" - 25 Pack


Made in Canada from locally sourced Canadian pork, no antibiotics, hormones, or preservatives

Dogs love sinking their teeth into a Loyalty's All Natural Pork Roll. Our bold flavours satisfy their taste buds and their instinctive urge to chew. These long-lasting chews not only keep your best friend busy, but through abrasive chewing, they help keep their teeth clean, too.

Ingredients: 100% Canadian Pork


  • 25 Pack Of 4-6 Inch 100% Natural Pork Rolls With No Preservatives
  • Your Dog Will Love These Pork Roll Chews Because It Is The Natural Way To Satisfy Your Dog'S Chewing Needs.
  • The Action Of Chewing Allows Your Dog A Healthy Outlet To Alleviate Boredom While Helping To Reduce Tartar Accumulation On Their Teeth.
  • Chewing on a pork roll helps satisfy your dog's instinctual need to chew while reducing tartar and plaque buildup so your pup's teeth stay healthy and clean.
  • This single ingredient chew provides tasty chewing entertainment for large size dogs. Supervise your dog when giving bones and chews. Bones and chews should be larger than your dog's mouth.
  • Always Supervise Your Pet While Using Any Pet Product And Or Treat.

single ingredient dehydrated canadian

Ingredients: Natural Pork

Origin: Product of Canada, made in Canada

Nutritional Information Per Ear

Fiber Protein Total Fat Moisture
2% 42% 15% 9%


As with all dog treats, pet supervision is recommended.

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