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Kangaroo Steak


Kangaroo Steak

LoyaltyDogTreats™ Dehydrated Kangaroo Steak Jerky Treats are made from premium grass fed, wild kangaroo. These treats are perfect for training small to large breeds and assist in boosting their overall health. These are single ingredient and all natural, free of any chemicals, preservatives, or additives. This product is CFIA and USDA approved and packaged in Canada.

Kangaroo for dogs is a fairly new protein to the dog treats world, but 100% natural with no additives or fillers and full of health benefits. Although kangaroo treats and bones are hypoallergenic and a great option for dogs with allergies or sensitive stomachs, this novel protein is safe and nutritious for all dogs to enjoy.

As one of the leanest red meats, kangaroo steak is packed full of all essential nutrients only found in certain red meat, with especially higher levels of zinc and iron.

Product Highlights:

    • All-natural and only 1 ingredient: kangaroo steak
    • Naturally rich in iron and zinc; low in fat to promote healthy digestion
    • Made from free range, grass fed Australian wild kangaroo
    • Carefully dried to preserve natural flavour
    • Hypoallergenic treat ideal for dogs with allergies or sensitivities

     single ingredient dehydrated canadian owned

    Health Benefits:

    • These kangaroo bones are a great alternative for owners seeking a hypoallergenic protein
    • Kangaroo is naturally the leanest red meat protein and an ideal choice for dogs suffering from conditions requiring low fat diets. These are 98% fat free.  
    • Kangaroo is among the best zinc and iron levels of any meat
    • Kangaroo meat is high in protein but low in fat. This low-fat meat is easier to digest and may help dogs with digestive troubles
    • The chewing action cleans dog’s teeth, massage their gums, and exercise their jaw

    kangaroo steak dehydrated

    Ingredients: Natural kangaroo meat

    Origin: Product of Australia

    As with all dog treats, pet supervision is recommended.

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    All Loyalty Dog Treats are single-ingredient products.

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    All treats are dried low and slow to lock in flavour!

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