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Dehydrated Treats - Chicken Breast Strips Dehydrated Treats - Chicken Breast Strips


LoyaltyDogTreats™ Dehydrated Chicken Breast Strips for Dogs are one of the best chicken dog treats. These chicken strips for dogs are a lean meat alternative high in protein and essential amino.....

Dehydrated Treats - Chicken Feet Dehydrated Treats - Chicken Feet


LoyaltyDogTreats™ Dehydrated Chicken Feet for dogs are an alternative to beef and pork. Chicken feet are high in protein (to thwart hunger) and niacin (for energy) making them an ideal dietary.....

Dehydrated Treats - Chicken Necks Dehydrated Treats - Chicken Necks


LoyaltyDogTreats™ Dehydrated Chicken Necks are the new beef and pork. These all natural bone-in treat provide these essential high protein benefits just like our chicken feet. As an ideal treat.....

Dehydrated Treats - Duck Feet Dehydrated Treats - Duck Feet


LoyaltyDogTreats™ Dehydrated Duck Feet are a high-fat protein source ideal for high activity levels or weight gain. Just like our other trusted single-ingredient, chemical, preservative and additive free treats duck feet.....

Duck Heads Dehydrated Treats - Duck Head


LoyaltyDogTreats™ Dehydrated Duck Heads are a high-fat protein source ideal for high activity levels or weight gain. As a 100% all natural lean protein loaded with iron, selenium, and B Vitamins.....

Dehydrated Treats - Duck Wings Dehydrated Treats - Duck Wings


LoyaltyDogTreats™ Dehydrated Duck Wings are a high-fat protein source which promote more energy from your dog and aid in healthy weight distribution. Dehydrated Duck Wings are all-natural bone-in treat that is durable.....