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Loyalty Dog Treats is a Canadian manufacturer that sources human-grade meat ingredients from government-inspected suppliers. There are no additives or preservations so what you see is what you get. Loyalty offers a variety of tasty treats tailored for specific needs - from aggressive chewers to digestive sensitivities.

Loyalty Dog Treats uses small packaging to ensure optimal freshness. This one-scale production model also keeps costs down allowing maximum savings to be passed on to pet parents.

Proceeds from the sale of Loyalty Dog Treats help to provide Dog Guides for the visually-impaired; seizure-prone; autistic; diabetic; and physically disabled children in Canada.


Annemarie is a successful entrepreneur who has been featured on CTV. As a mother, she is passionate about the health and welfare of her family. She strives to buy nutritional snacks for her children - including her furry son, Piper.

After searching aimlessly for an inexpensive all-natural dog treat, Annemarie started Loyalty Dog Treats with the goal of offering families like hers, who are on a budget, top-quality treats for their loyal canine kids.

"Loyalty Dog Treats is quality you can trust from my family to yours.
We stand behind our product with a 100% money-back guarantee."
- Annemarie