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Canine Fitness Month - Loyalty Dog Treats

In case you haven’t heard! April is Canine Fitness Month and Loyalty Dog Treats wants to let you know about our Beef Lung, Chicken Neck, Chicken Feet, Pig Ear Strips and 3 flavours of Natural Dog Biscuits. These prices are valid until the end of April.

These natural treats have so much health benefits for your furry-friend while also tasting delicious. These are a must have to add to your cart during Canine Fitness Month. 

Health Benefits:

  • Calcium is a common requirement of growing dogs and ultimately present in animal bones such as Chicken Necks 
  • Chondroitin (sulfated glycosaminoglycan) promoting bone and joint health 
  • Bone can be used as a dietary aid to help dogs feel full without unnecessary calories
  • An excellent dental aid as dried bones are more durable 
  • Bone provides a fibre-alternative to promote healthy digestion 

 Health Benefits:

  • High in protein and iron for hemoglobin, cell reparation, brain function and metabolism
  • Important source of vitamin B12 to reduce harmful bacterial growth and toxic metabolites
  • Potassium-rich for healthy heart, nerves, and muscles 
  • Contains vitamins A, B, D, E, and K 
  • Low in cholesterol to maintain balanced heart health 
  • Safe for both puppies & adult dogs 



Health Benefits:

  • Excellent source of chondroitin (sulfated glycosaminoglycan) for bone and joint health
  • Bone can be used as a dietary aid to help dogs feel full without unnecessary calories
  • Dried bones are an excellent dental aid that do not damage teeth like raw bones 
  • Bone provides a fibre alternative to promote healthy digestion 

Health Benefits:

  • Great source of protein necessary for dogs to form new skin cells, grow hair and build muscle tissue
  • Rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for heart health and cholesterol regulation 
  • High in glucosamine & chondroitin which is excellent for joint health
  •  Promotes dental health